Little Birdie Buddies of Minnesota

If you love birds or have a little human in your life that wants to learn more about birds, add Little Birdie Buddies of Minnesota to the reading list! 

This book showcases my illustrations and explores 20 different varieties of birds found in Minnesota while introducing their unique personalities.  It encourages the reader to connect with nature, bird facts and see their own inner beauty. Learn about what makes each bird unique - just like you!


"This book is delightful and so fun! My daughter absolutely loved trying to figure out which bird was most like her. She ended up deciding she was Ruby the red-throated hummingbird!"
- Mom in Minneapolis, MN

Pure Joy!

"Pure JOY! I really love sharing my love of birds with my grandkids! They got a kick out of each bird's name.  And learning about the different birds together was fun for all of us!"
- Grandma in Excelsior, MN

The Perfect Gift

"The perfect gift for a kid of any age who wants to learn more about birds! The beautiful illustrations stand out, and my nephew now wants to find all these birds outside!"
- Auntie in Edina, MN